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    Meet Greece Music Journey

  • The Journeys of Meet Greece Music Journey

    2015: Athens, Santorini
    2016: Lishui, Nanjing, Wuxi, Shanghai
    2017: Athens, Santorini, Lefkada, Zakynthos
    2018: Athens, Crete, Peloponnese

    2015 Music Journey in Greece

    In 2015, two acclaimed Chinese musicians came to Athens, and met the Greek musicians for the first time. They were Chang Jing, the Guzheng virtuoso who performed in the Opening Ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and was the teacher of the Princess of Thailand, and Zhang Di, the Xiao master and the leading flute musician in China. The Greek musicians are Aliki Markantonatou, Areti Miggou, Athena Chioti and Pan Kaperneka. For five days they stayed together in a big house in Athens, and created the first ever album collaborated by Chinese and Greek musicians, which was named Aegean and all the pieces in the album were improvised by these great musicians.


    Two successful concerts were also organized in Athens and Santorini, and the well-known Cretan lyre virtuoso Ross Daly was invited to Santorini for the concert.


    This was the first Meet Greece Music Journey, organized by Miao Bin and Eley Yuan of Meet Culture, and supported by Trip2Taste, Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Discover Greece, Aegean Airlines, GNTO, Boutari Winery Santorini, Astra Suites, Hermes Travel, To Tsai and the medias including Artic, Greek Reporter, China Greece Times, ERT, Kathimerini, elculture, Athinorama, Xpat Athens, deBop, MAD, etc.



    Trip2Taste, Radisson Blu Park Hotel, Discover Greece, Aegean Airlines, GNTO, Boutari Winery Santorini, Astra Suites, Hermes Travel, To Tsai



    Artic, Greek Reporter, China Greece Times, ERT, Kathimerini, elculture, Athinorama, Xpat Athens, deBop, MAD, Kontra TV, news4.gr, culturenow.gr, zougla.gr, santonews, avopolis.gr, clickatlife.gr, e-daily.gr, travelling.gr, CCTV, Xinhua News, Athina 984, etc.



    2016 Music Tour in China

    After the journey to Greece in 2015, the Music Journey continued its way from Greece to China, as a circle. Ancient Greek Lyre musician Aliki Markantonatou, percussionist Areti Miggou and singer Pan Kaperneka were invited by Meet Culture to China, together with Chinese musicians Chang Jing and Zhang Di and had a 10 days Aeagean Music Tour in China.


    The musicians and Miao Bin formed a dream team to introduce Greek-Chinese music to the audiences in East China, where they attended Liandu Music Festival in Lishui, organized the concerts in Nanjing, Wuxi and Shanghai (one sharing event and one concert of 1000 audiences), and launched an Ancient Greek Lyre workshop in Shanghai.



    Liandu Music Festival, Lishui Municipal Government, China Music House, Elegant Music Shanghai, You Zai Ji, Consulate of Greece in Shanghai



    Wuxi Television, Lishui Television, Lishui Daily, Greece China Friendship Gate, Sohu.com, Sina.com, etc.

    2017 Meet Greece Music Journey

    With the support of Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai, Municipality of Zakynthos and Euroterra Capital in Lefkada, 2017 Meet Greece Music Journey brought a group of Chinese travelers, together with Miao Bin – the only Chinese travel blogger in Greece and the Chinese musicians Chang Jing and Zhang Di to have a unique cultural journey for 10 days in Athens, Santorini, Lefkada and Zakynthos.


    A concert "China Meets Greece" co-organized by Meet Culture and Postscriptum with the support from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture was held in Megaron Mousikis - Athens Concert Hall, which received a full house of audiences.


    A visit to National Archaeological Museum with the support from Hellenic Ministry of Culture was led by the Archaeologist Dr Maria Chidiroglou, and a lecture was given by Dr Chrestos Terzes in University of Athens about "Hermes" Ancient Greek Music Archaeology Project which had been also supported by Meet Culture.


    A workshop about ancient Greek instruments was given by Nikolaos Bras, Hercules Brass and Socrates Metaxas in Athens.


    The group also experienced the Greek wine tasting in Boutari Winery in Santorini, and the Greek wedding in White Door Theatro.


    A concert was co-organized by Meet Culture, Euroterra Capital and Municipality of Lefkada, and various culture exchange activities were organized by Municipality of Zakynthos.


    This year's Meet Greece Music Journey turned out to be the most in-depth culture exchange project between the two civilizations, and attracted wider attention from both China and Greece. It had become a valuable project brand of Meet Culture.



    Strategic Partner:

    Euroterra Capital


    Official Partners:

    Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai
    Municipality of Zakynthos
    Municipality of Lefkada


    Tourism Partner:

    Travel Bloggers Greece - TBG


    Cultural Partner:

    Boutari Santorinι Winery - Οινοποιείο Μπουτάρη Σαντορίνης
    Nikolaos Brass
    Therianos Family
    The White Door Theatro
    School Life and Education Museum
    National Archaeological Museum, Athens
    Aristeon Olive Museum
    National and Kapodistrian University of Athens



    Concert Partner:

    Ministry of Culture and Sports of Hellenic Republic
    Ίδρυμα Γεωργίου Ζογγολόπουλου - George Zongolopoulos Foundation
    Orfeus Music


    Photography Partner:

    Dimitrios Asithianakis



    Greek Reporter, deBop, Greek Travel Pages, Mad TV, XpatAthens, Elegant Travel Greece, CultureNow.gr, CNN Greece, 一直播, 成都音乐广播FM105.1, WeSafari

    2018 Meet Greece Music Journey

    26th September to 6th October

    This year, Meet Culture will organize the annual culture exchange project in a upgraded level, and the destinations will be Athens, Crete and Peloponnese. Concerts, events, museums, universities, theatre, etc. will be along the whole journey.


    If you are interested to be involved in this meaningful and powerful culture exchange project between China and Greece, and to expand your name and brand to both Greece and China, you are more than welcome.




    University of Athens, University of Peloponnese, Municipality of Athens, Region of Crete, Municipality of Heraklion, Ross Daly / Labyrinth Musical Workshop, Nikolaos Brass, GNTO, Travel Bloggers Greece, Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai, TAKIM


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