• Music Video

    The First Ever Album between Greece and China AEGEAN

    A Song for Moon in Mid-autumn Festival Played by Ancient Greek Lyre

    TV Program

    Spring's Angel - Ancient Greek Lyre - Aliki Markantonatou & Eley Yuan

    The Story of the Founders of Meet Culture
    by Southeast Television of China

    KONTRA: First Chinese Guzheng Concert in Athens


    Chinese Cuisine in Dr Cook of Mega TV

    KONTRANEWS: the Launch of AEGEAN MV

    "Traveling China" Festival in Crete


    Chinese Flute in Greek Concert

    Chinese Greek Concert in Crete

    Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Ross Daly, Marijia Katsouna

    Xiao the Chinese Flute in Sofia Andridanou's Concert by Miao Bin

    The Interview for The First Ever Guqin Concert in Greece

    Meet Greece Music Journey

    Greek Chinese Poetry Concert

    Θάλασσακι μου - Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody & Miao Bin - Ancient Greek Lyre & Xiao the Chinese flute

    2014 Guqin Concert in Athens

    Spring's Angel - The First Ensemble of Guqin and Ancient Lyre

    2016 Meet China Music Journey

    Chang Jing - Guzheng Virtuoso

    Muse Academy

    2018 Meet China Music Journey

    2015 Meet China Music Journey

    The Children's Concert of Muse Academy

    Greek Music

    Chinese ancient flute and Ancient Greek Lyre improvisation

    Greek Events in China

    Aulos from Ancient Greece - Hermes Project

    Ancient Greek Drama and Ancient Greek Lyre by Miao Bin

    Miao in Greece

    "Miao in Greece" Episode 1: Monemvasia

    "Miao in Greece" Episode 2: Flisvos Marina

    Books about Greece

    "Miao in Greece" Episode 3: Ancient Agora of Athens

    Miao Bin's New Book "Adventure with Greek Gods" Broadcasted in Metro TV of Chengdu, China

    Chinese Music

    Flying Petals by Chang Jing & Zhang Di

    Band of Chang Jing • Yet Not A Dream

    Flute Improvisation by Zhang Di

    Drunken fishermen singing in the sunset

    Costumes and Armor of Song Dynasty

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