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2019 Meet China Music Journey

When Greek musicians were traveling in China

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For the second time, Meet Culture invited Greek musicians for a music journey in China.

Last time was in 2015, Greek musicians together with Chinese musicians went through a music festival in Lishui, concerts in Nanjing, Wuxi and Shanghai, a Greek-Chinese music sharing event and an ancient Greek lyre workshop in Shanghai.

This year, Athena Chioti (singer), Areti Miggou (percussionist) and Pan Kaperneka (flutist and lyre player) were invited to attend the art festival on 11th November in Suzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in China, together with the Chinese musicians Chang Jing (Guzheng), Zhang Di (flute), Shi Lei (hang drum) and Si Yang (vocal) from the Aegean team and Sravasti team.

The location of the performance was in the middle area of Yangcheng Lake, which is one of the most well-known lakes in China. The musicians were warmly welcomed by the people in the festival.

Greek Consulate in Shanghai and Meet Culture co-organized the concert "Encounter: Chinese and Greek Music Explorations" in Shanghai on 14th November. Distinguished guests from the consulates and organizations in Shanghai attended this concert in Hellas House.

Another concert "Aegean" was organized by Chang Jing Workshop, Meet Culture and INDIE in the well-known venue LOFAS in Shanghai on 15th November.

Stay tuned for more concerts by Meet Culture.

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