• Meet Culture was founded in 2014 in Athens, the birthplace of western civilization, and headquartered in Chengdu in 2016. Deeply rooted in both Greece and China, Meet Culture has grown to be the leading brand of culture exchange between China and Greece, to provide the international platform for the cultural projects of the two countries.
    Meet Culture has accomplished a large amount of projects in the areas of music, theatre, tourism, exhibition, festival, education, etc., including the Meet Greece Music Journey, Greek Drama Summer School, etc.
    In music area Meet Culture focuses on the international exchange for Chinese music, and has been collaborating with the top musicians from China and Greece, such as Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Aliki Markantonatou, Ross Daly, TAKIM, etc. Albums "Aegean" and "Sravasti“ were published, and tens of Chinese-Greek concerts were organized in Athens, Santorini, Lefkada, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Lishui, Wuxi, etc. Meet Music is also the international supporter of Hermes - ancient Greek instrument reviving project by University of Athens.
    In tourism area Meet Culture's co-founders Miao Bin and Eley Yuan are the only Chinese travel bloggers in Greece, and have been collaborating with GNTO, Travel Bloggers Greece, Marketing Greece, Municipalities, etc and Sina.com, Ctrip.com, Qunar.com and other social medias and OTAs. Personalized travel planning service has been provided to Chinese tourists since 2015. The book Adventure with Greek Gods was published in China and the new book sharing events were organized in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu.
    In theatre area Meet Culture's educational institution Muse Academy is the first institution of Greek music and theatre education in China, and collaborates with Hellenic Ministry of Education, University of Peloponnese, University of Athens, Study in Greece, Diazoma, etc. and Greek directors, actors and educators, to introduce the authentic Greek music and theatre education to Chinese children. Summer schools and winter schools are organized by Muse Academy and the partners in Greece.



    2013-2016, Chinese Cultural Talk in Greece, including events about Guqin, Xiao, martial arts, calligraphy, etc.;

    2014.04, Chinese cuisine program for Mega TV;

    2014.07, first ever Guqin Concerts in Greece "Ancient Music from China" in Athens and Santorini;

    2014.08, started collaboration as the only Chinese Travel Blogger in Greece with the main social medias and OTAs in China, such as weibo.com, qunar.com, ctrip.com, etc.;

    2015.05, joined Travel Bloggers Greece;

    2015.06, Ancient Greek Lyre Promotion project in China;

    2015.06, the documentary "Maritime Silk Road" of China Southeast Television;

    2015.10, 2015 Meet Greece Music Journey, published the first ever album between China and Greece "Aegean" and organized the Greek-Chinese concerts in Athens and Santorini;

    2016.04, Meet Culture China was established in Chengdu, and started the Greek Library project to organize weekly Greek cultural events;

    2016.05, invited to be the partner of Hermes Ancient Greek Music Archaeological Project of University of Athens;

    2016.06, published Aegean in China and online globally which is the first ever album collaborated between Chinese and Greek musicians;

    2016.08, 2016 Meet China Music Journey, and invited Greek musicians to Lishui Festival and the concerts in Nanjing, Wuxi and Shanghai, as well as the sharing event and ancient Greek lyre workshop;

    2016.11, Aegean concert in Jinsha Theatre in Chengdu;

    2017.01, support Chengdu and Patra to be sister cities;

    2017.03, invited to attend the Reception for Greek National Day by Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai, and the Artistic Director of Meet Culture Chang Jing was awarded by Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai as the Cultural Ambassador of Greece and China ;

    2017.04, Greek rebetiko concert in Shanghai;

    2017.04, Chinese concert of Guqin, Xiao, Handdrum Kun Opera in Chengdu;

    2017.08, Meet Culture Xiao Association was established in Chengdu and organize weekly lectures about Xiao;

    2017.09, 2017 Meet Greece Music Journey, and collaborated with Postscriptum and Hellenic Ministry of Culture on the concert "China Meets Greece" in Megaron Mousikis, with Municipality of Lefkada on the concert in Lefkada, and with many other parters such as National Archaeological Museum, Municipality of Zakynthos, Boutari Winery, etc.

    2017.10, presentation titled “Two Ancient Civilizations Meet Each Other —— How to Make Culture Exchange in a More Practical Way” in Orange Grove in Athens;

    2017.10, Aegean - Chinese and Greek music and dance performance in Michael Kakoyannis Theatre;

    2017.10, published the book "Adventure with Greek Gods" in China;

    2017.10, partnered with Study in Greece to introduce Greek undergraduate and postgraduate education to Chinese students;

    2017.10, partnered with Nikolaos Brass to promote ancient Greek instruments to Chinese market;

    2018.04, Muse Academy which is the first institution in China focusing on the ancient Greek musical and theatrical education was established;

    2018.08, organized the sharing event about ancient Greek music and mythology and a concert for children in Muse Academy;

    2018.09, 2018 Meet Greece Music Journey, and collaborated with Ross Daly on the concert in Basilica of Saint Mark in Heraklion, and with University of Peloponnese on the event "When Chinese Music Meets Greek Drama" in Vouleftikon in Nafplio;

    2018.11, Chinese-Greek Concert "Encounter: Chinese and Greek Music Explorations" in Shanghai.

    2019.02, Greek Cultural Heritage Winter School in Nafplio.

    2019.07, Festival "Traveling ... China" in Crete

    2019.07, 2019 Greek Educational Drama Summer School

    2019.10, "From the Ink" Chinese Animation in Greece



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